At the end of October 2019, Activision Publishing (Activision Publishing, Inc.) released a new hit game called "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare," which initially carried the expectations of the majority of players, but immediately because of the plotting task "The Highway of Death has attracted countless names. It was originally in this mission that the Russian army was alleged to have massacred civilians on a highway in the fictitious state of "Urzikstan." Still, the setting was drawn from the 1991 US airstrikes during the Gulf War.

Well-known games lead Russia to question the American values ​​of entertainment packaging.
Well-known games lead Russia to question the American values ​​of entertainment packaging.

Iraq had announced that it had accepted the UN's 660 ceasefires. However, the then US President George W. Bush (1929-2018) accused the Iraqi army of still fighting and insisted on ordering the attack. Also, the bridge in the game that reflects the situation of the Syrian civil war and the Afghan situation has caused considerable controversy.

Game Director Jacob Minkoff introduced the game in a slightly contradictory manner during his interview in August: "Do we touch on geopolitical issues related to the world we live in today? Of course, because that's right. It's the theme of Modern Warfare. Do we have a story about the specific government of any country? No. So if you ask Donald Trump if it is there? No, he is not." The director seems to believe that putting people or events outside the United States into it is not a matter of stealing a specific government or replacing a murderer with another. Therefore, the evaluation of the game quickly plunged, and a large number of Russian players blamed the United States for actually driving their evil deeds to Russia, and finally forced Sony (SONY) to decide not to sell the game in the Russian Playstation store.

Although some European and American media reported this and criticized it as "American propaganda", there is also a comment analysis game "Call of Duty" series has deliberately shaped pro-Americanism since its launch in 2003, but praised visual effects, gameplay, and even description. Alex, who is the protagonist of the game and a member of the CIA, is a "hero" comment. In all fairness, this is just a video game. It's the core of fun or not, but if the creative team has the heart to incorporate ideology in the game, then it's a different matter. From the controversy caused by the game, it can be seen that the United States has long used the entertainment works to export its values in disguise.

American games, movies, and music are invincible internationally. Just as Hollywood film production accounts for more than one-third of the global market, cultural influence is hard to estimate. Through these products, people can look at the "mainstream" ideology and the limitations of the United States. Taking movies as an example, such as "Thirteen Days," the audience will only see the Soviet Union's aggressive desire to threaten the United States with nuclear weapons. Still, they do not know the outbreak of the Cuban crisis. It is the United States wanting to subvert the Cuban government and launch a cold war to contain the Soviet Union. As a result, watching the "Argo" mission will only see the angry Iranian masses hijacking the US embassy. Still, it is not that the United States has fostered the authoritarian regime of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (1919-1980). They are forced to force this anger. There are also a series of films related to the Afghan war, such as "Zero Dark Thirty" and "Operation Red Wings", which will only see the "heroic" and "goodness" of the US military. I don't know the US cause of Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden (1957-2011), but I don't know the Middle East's aversion to American hegemony.

Appreciating the words of The Monuments Men, the plot only highlights how the Anglo-American allies painstakingly turned the Nazi-taken art back to Zhao but avoided a large number of Allied soldiers looting art with the Soviet army, and Germany. And the fact that Italian civilian property. Ironically, Hetherington, the stepfather of a US veteran, once said that his famous painting stolen by his stepfather belonged to the Anhaltische Gemäldegalerie in Germany, and once declared that "I am not returning anything to the Germans until the "Allied Troubles" was seen in 2015. Presumably, the "unselfishness" of over-beautifying the Allies in the movie made the veteran's conscience uneasy. Norbert Michels, director of the Gianhardt Art Gallery, reacted very directly: "We Germans can't complain about these paintings. It is not right." However, the right to speak is in the hands of the United States. What can the Germans do?

In American entertainment works, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and other countries always have "aggressive conspiracy," and Americans come forward to defend the world. It is not only the prejudice of the general American public but also the result of the guidance of the US government. In addition to the rhetoric of external threats, the US government has focused on public diplomacy since World War II, using the funds and workforce of the United States Information Agency and the CIA to establish Radio Free Europe and the Free Asia Association. (Committee Free Free Asia), National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and other institutions to spread American ideas and filtered information to hostile regions, which has undoubtedly deepened the confidence of American society and many countries in American systems and life. And doubts about Russia, Iran, and other countries.

After the 1986 film "Top Gun" triggered the craze, the US government increased its ideology for film manipulation. At that time, the Pentagon of the United States not only reduced the tax for the "Top Gun", but also did not support similar films to promote the image of the US military. For example, when the Marvin film "Captain Marvel" was filmed in 2019, it was assisted by the US Air Force's 57th Wing, to recruit new blood. After the filming of "Top Gun 2" in 2018, the US Air Force and the Navy were still on the Twitter line, competing to show off the F-15 fighters and the F/A 18 planes, and hoped to create recruits. Also, the US Department of Defense has funded the development of the shooting game "America's Army" since the 1990s, to attract young people to join the army.

The most typical example is the film "Saving Jessica Lynch", which was filmed by the US government and Hollywood in 2003. The White House tried to stop the anti-war voice with Lynch's story of being captured in Iraq. As a result, in 2007, Lynch's experience in the testimony of Congress was fabricated by the military. He was arrested in a car accident rather than fighting, and the Iraqi hospital promptly treated her. No matter how Lin Qi complained about the use of the military, the purpose of the US government to reduce the rebound through propaganda has already been achieved.

More importantly, Iraq has been firmly occupied by the US military, and no one can shake it. From this, it can be learned that the US government has used to accuse other countries of using "sharp strength" to influence decision-making, but in fact, it is the United States itself that is the first to carry out "sharp strength" and the most convenient.

Under such a deliberately shaped public opinion atmosphere, the American people are accustomed to regard Russia and the Middle East countries as imaginary enemies or sources of chaos. This prejudice has also stimulated the entertainment industry to adopt relevant themes and deepen the accumulation of stereotypes. The US government has also contributed to this because it can, in turn, promote the imperialist foreign policy. Therefore, it can be said that the American people are both victims of hegemonism and also perpetrators. But the ones who suffered the most were the third world who lost their rights and were demonized. The saddest thing was that the others who accepted American values ​​after aphasia reversed themselves and did not consider this set of discourses, what is wrong.

For example, after Marvel announced the opening of "Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings" in 2019, there are still many Chinese who do not understand the role of "Fu Manchu" (Hu Manchu) Complexity, whitewashing is "freedom of creation." But in turn, when China launched the rare sci-fi masterpiece "Wandering Earth", there were many ridiculous opinions. The lack of American characters in the film and the Chinese people shouting to save the earth are all the expansion of nationalism. Wait. However, if you look at the US entertainment industry with the same standards, I am afraid there is little or no implied big Americanism. Shouldn't it be worthy of criticism? This double standard of confusion is showing how profound American values ​​are.

Relying on the enormous military and economic strength accumulated in the two world wars, the United States has been able to monopolize the right to speak for a long time and to promote American values ​​to the world. At the same time, it has also attracted many talents to immigrate to the United States to contribute to the "American Dream." Although there are positive meanings for material richness and gender equality, many of the third world people have transplanted the American racial or class imagination, and even consciously or unconsciously arranged themselves into the definition of the United States. In a comfortable position, autonomy was injured.

Although some people may be confused: it is just entertainment, is it worth it? However, after studying the truth of the robust export culture of capital and technology, the US government can know that the other is a defined one. In the system of the canal, it can only be dependent or saved a person. If you want to refute clarification, it is easy to invite challenges or threats to the interests of the United States. It is by no means a paradigm for advancing mutual understanding and respect among people of all countries in the world.
Furthermore, judging from the boycott caused by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it is clear that American values ​​are hardly as unpredictable as before. It undoubtedly symbolizes the maturity of the diversified world and the slow decline of the United States. After all, the most fundamental driving force of culture is the thickening of the economy. The American people will gradually recognize this point sooner or later; as for other third world audiences, it is natural to liberate themselves from the shackles of this one-way installation of consciousness.

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