If you want to upgrade to Xbox One X or PS4 Pro or want to buy Nintendo Switch, then Black Friday is an excellent time to shop. That's why we've been staring at Xbox, PS4, and Switch trading.

PS4 and Switch both offer some great game packs.
PS4 and Switch both offer some great game packs.

We are two weeks behind the big day, so it's almost sure that there will be some better deals at the last minute. But now, the Big Three bundle will save you at least $100. However, please keep in mind some caveats, so be sure to read the details.

An important caveat: PS4 and Xbox shoppers need to know that the PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox will be available in late 2020. But a year has passed since the year, and each will be compatible with the existing PS4 and Xbox One games.

The bundled items for specific retailers are listed below, but we hope that similar changes can be widely used.

Some better deals may be reached next week, or - to be honest, we hope to have some sales - but now this is the best deal we've ever seen. Target provides a 1TB drive for the PS4 Slim and three games for the black controller: "God of War," "Horizon Zero Dawn: Full Version," and "Last American Remastered," all of which are good, only It costs $200. Last year, you got the same game console and Spider-Man at the same price, so this is a considerable increase. It brings together the best of the three best PS4 products ever - although not suitable for young children.

Nintendo bundled the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe digital download code with the first-generation Switch console for $300, saving you around $50. It is a good deal, but please note that it does not have the functionality of a new Switch with longer battery life - you will get the HAC-001 with 4.5 hours of raw runtime. It is the exact details of the differences between the models.

Bottom line: If you purchased it for the "docker" user of Switch, get this bundle - "hander" will require an updated model with longer battery life.

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