Browsers for Android there are many, but not all areas complete as Google Chrome. It seems that users know the utility of the browser of the Great G since its app for Android accumulates more than 5,000 million installations on Google Play. Despite the protection that Chrome offers you, you must always take specific security measures when browsing.

How to activate the new context menu of Google Chrome for Android?
How to activate the new context menu of Google Chrome for Android?

Google usually adds exciting news to Chrome that aims to improve its use. After adding the expected dark mode, the Great G works in a new context menu in the browser version for Android. Next, we tell you the menu changes and how you can activate it already on your mobile or tablet.

It is Chrome's new context menu for Android.

It is possible that, first, you do not know what precisely the contextual menu we are talking about it. Well, this is the menu that is displayed in Chrome for Android when you make a long press on some elements of the web. It should be noted that Google is still working on the new menu, this is not official, but it is already possible to use it.

If we compare the previous menu with the new one, we find that Google has added a dividing line to separate some of the available functions, specifically, those that are related to the images. At the top, to the left of the name, you will see a small picture of what you have selected.

Although it is not yet official, you can now activate this new context menu
It also highlights the arrival of the function that allows you to share images through different platforms. With just a few seconds presses on a photo, you can select Share image and then where do you want to do it (WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

For now, Google is still working to make this context menu available in the next Chrome updates. If you do not want to wait until it is official to activate it, we tell you how you can integrate it into your Android device.

How to activate the new context menu of Google Chrome for Android
Activating the new Chrome context menu will only steal a few seconds of your time, something insignificant if we consider that it means enjoying its renewed features. To enable it, you must first open the Chrome app on your mobile or tablet, and enter the following in the search bar: "chrome: // flags."

Upon entering this page, you will read the word "Experiments," which tells you that it is the Google website for its experimental functions. Click on the text bar that appears at the top of the page and looks for "Revamped. "Then, you will enter the web that will allow you to change the context menu.

Tap the bar where it says "Default" and select the "Enabled" option, which will activate the new menu in your browser. Then, to confirm the change, you have to click on the "Relaunch" button in the lower right corner of the screen. Automatically, Chrome will restart, and its new context menu will be a reality on your Android device.

There, the activation process is over; you can now access the different functions of that contextual menu that Google is developing. After this simple installation, you can continue to get the most out of Chrome with these nine tricks.

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