The French streaming platform Deezer has released an AI tool called Spleeter that quickly isolates vocals and instrument tracks and divides a song into two, four, or five separate tracks. The software was initially developed for research purposes but was released as an open-source package on GitHub on Monday, November 4.

Deezer releases AI tools that quickly isolate vocal tracks.
Deezer releases AI tools that quickly isolate vocal tracks.

Although there are many techniques for separating vocal orbits (also known as "stems") from mixed audio files, most methods are complicated, time-consuming, low quality, or some combination of the three. Splinter is a sound separation library built on Python and the machine learning platform TensorFlow, which runs at many times the original sound speed. Blogger Andy Baio samples the software by selecting songs and compares it to the studio and other audio splitting tools like PhonicMind and Open-Unmix.

After the release, the software lacks a graphical user interface, so users need to be familiar with the command line prompt. However, since the software is open source, nothing is stopping the brave programmers from developing a streamlined user interface that democratizes the technology of aspiring mixers, samplers, and karaoke enthusiasts. Experienced manufacturers are already citing the potential of the software.

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