Whenever an Adobe campaign provides something sneaky (a quick preview of what the researcher is working on), there is a warning that the "project" may not appear in the shipping product. But they do this often. If the company has just released a series of exciting features, Adobe users can expect a lot of AI assistants in the foreseeable future, including photography, animation, and audio editing tools.

Adobe Max Sneaks with AI photography animation and audio tools.
Adobe Max Sneaks with AI photography animation and audio tools.

In terms of photography, Project Light Right uses Adobe's Sensei AI system to bring time and date lighting editing into the image.

"Light Right" does not apply light and shadow to the model-based only on the user's selected position on the 3D Earth. Instead, AI and multiple images are used to infer the location of the sun and add appropriate light and shadow during the editing process. It can also use video and Adobe Stock photos as input for lighting calculations.

A more subtle application of AI is the Project About Face (shown above), which can be used to detect edited images, generate automatic "operational probabilities" and heat maps to show where edits were made - including those for operations Too subtle editing. Human eyes. About Face may contribute to Adobe's upcoming Content Authenticity program, which will let photo and video viewers know if they are viewing edited or unedited images and may even undo edits to display the original image.

The problems of classic photographers - people standing behind the camera can't be part of a group photo. All In uses Sensei to automatically blend two pictures so that two people can take the same background in turn, while one person stands in the image, creating a composite image of two people standing together in the same environment. Alternatively, All-In can be used to exclude the second instance of a person who has a difference in two shots.

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